Sosiura 120 MT 2017
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15807 White wins
Martin Minski
Sosiura-120, 1st Prize 2017
15808 Draw
Vladimir Tarasiuk
Sosiura-120, 2nd Prize 2017
15809 White wins
Martin Minski
Sosiura-120, 1st Honorary Mention 2017
15810 White wins
Oleg Pervakov
Sosiura-120, 2nd Honorary Mention 2017
15811 White wins
Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen
Sosiura-120, 3rd Honorary Mention 2017
15812 White wins
Alexander Stavrietsky
Sosiura-120, 1st Commendation 2017
15813 Draw
Alexei Gasparyan
Sosiura-120, 2nd Commendation 2017
15814 White wins
Vladimir Tarasiuk
Sosiura-120, 3rd Commendation 2017
15815 White wins
Michael Zinara
Sosiura-120, sp. Commendation 2017