Free service of Michael Pasman: You can play against opponents over the net :  
You can also play from a mobile phone. The system is optimized for mobile device and handles network disconnections and returns to the game immediately after reconnecting or even after refreshing the entire page.

 Competitions between chess Computers, Every competition begins at a certain opening.
In addition - a unique system for solving chess puzzles!

You can solve puzzles at various levels   - from completely beginners (mate in one move) to problems for the most advanced players !!

According to Wikipedia, the required qualifications for chess player include :

  • Concentration and self cool: Although most important games are made under the supervision and silence it often happens due to the failure of a particular strategy or move unexpectedly from the opponent - losing player is the concentration that feel lost, so it is important to maintain concentration and composure, even when the situation does not looks bright.
  • Deep vision and Abstract imagination: The player's power to see the deeper the sequence of moves and visualize the scattered tools on the number next moves all their options, the greater the probability will be higher than ever.
  • Strategic planning and creativity: the inability of the player to foresee all the sequence moves, it is necessary to design more generally, produced relatively comfortable future situations. For example, examination of the tools are not placed at key points, and planning how to improve the position.
  • Patience: mostly games that are not played with time, it is important to always check the location of the pieces on the board until the end, and not play the queue to hurry.
Every game give opportunities for the development of different skills. Key chess game and usability mental capacities all walks of life. This activity has unlimited potential for the human brain so it can be an effective tool for the development of higher order thinking skills. Such as problem solving ability, focus, critical thinking, abstract logic, strategic planning, analytical skills, creativity, evaluation and synthesis.

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