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T5448 White Mates in 6
Hertneck - Antonio Ferreira
Ravenna 1983
T5449 White to play
Hertneck - Gilbert Volpert
Marktredwitz 1984
T5450 White to play
Hertneck - Wolfgang Eisenmann
Munich 1985
T5451 White to play
Hertneck - Rainer Schmidt
Dortmund 1988
T5452 White Mates in 6
Hertneck - Peter Rahls
Germany 1989
T5453 White Mates in 5
Hertneck - Marc Santo-Roman
Europe 1991
T5454 White Mates in 8
Hertneck - Vitali Golod
Bad Wiessee 2000
T5455 White to play
Hertneck - Ante Jurkovic
Aschach 2003
T5456 White to play
Hertneck - Martin Grundherr
Austria 2003
T5457 White to play
Gerald Hertneck - Alexander Bertagnolli
Austria 2018